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Multi-unit Residential

Ultimate performance without guesswork

As a multi-unit residential building owner or property manager, Ainsworth recognizes that you have numerous technical service providers to choose from. We also understand that initial cost is important to you – whether it be the HVAC maintenance contract, or the hourly rates and material mark up.

Ultimately, responsiveness, being informed, equipment performance, reliability and downtime avoidance, usually become the criteria for which an owner or property manager decide to work long-term with a service provider.

Ainsworth achieves the above criteria by combining traditional planned maintenance programs with extremely cost-effective predictive performance measures. Unlike the majority of multi-unit buildings that rely on basic maintenance activities, Ainsworth predictive maintenance routines provide detailed insight into the performance of your key costly assets. There simply is no guesswork.

This detailed reporting is used to ensure the maintenance activities are aligned to deliver the best performance value and to inform you of performance deterioration well in advance of costly and inconvenient downtime that can eat into reserve funds and cause expensive special assessments.

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